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Mobile/Social Media Services

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  • wallpaper_youtube_cinema_4d_by_qartcreative-d4rnvvy Video Testimonials – Most Powerful Marketing Channel

    Video is a powerful tool for persuasion. We are now talking, sharing, producing and consuming in a mobile world and video content has a greater impact in all of these areas than anything else. The ease of distributing video content has also resurrected the art of personal persuasion- real people, to whom you can relate, […]

  • ROISocialMedia Getting Real About Your Social Media ROI

    Question: What’s as legendary as the Lock Ness Monster, or as allusive as the Publisher’s Clearing House Million Dollar Prize? Answer: It’s an acceptable ROI on your business’s digital media efforts…or some would have you believe. While a return on investment for social media would appear to be one of life’s great mysteries, there are a […]

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