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Hiring the right people should seem like it’s more than blind luck. Every business owner would love a greater sense of certainty that the person they think will be a perfect fit, will be exactly that. But every owner has experienced the frustration of dealing with bad employees, and in turn has made solemn promises to themselves that they will never make the same mistake again. There are ways that you can help keep those promises and it may start with breaking a few of old hiring habits.

Nepotism is a two edged sword.

One of the most satisfying accomplishments is successfully building a business with family members. The ability to employ immediate members of your family, like your children, can be economical during lean times, a common purpose that can be embraced by the entire family, and a great way to continue your enterprise into the future by having your heirs take over the reins. The downside too often outweigh the positives. Nepotism is generally frowned upon because it often places non-family employees at a disadvantage. The temptation of throwing away the employee handbook as it applies to family is too great. This creates tremendous problems for your operation. It instills a sense of entitlement in your employed family members, they never integrate into the workplace team, and they don’t develop valuable workplace skills, experience, and attitude. When family members aren’t performing to the standards set for other employees, it’s a recipe for disaster. Your employees can become resentful, lack productivity and motivation, as well as begin exploring other employment opportunities.

Hiring friends of employees

One of the more convenient ways to find new employees is to ask people around the office if they know anyone that is looking for a job. This is not necessarily a great way to recruit. People who socialize with each other outside of work bring those relationships into the workplace. If things go sour between friends, and we know that they can, then that pollutes the workplace environment.

What you see is what you get

Never make the mistake of thinking that an employee is going to become a different person once they start working for you. If you see that a prospective employee is lacking in a certain area then plan on having that weakness present in the workplace. A person with a bad attitude or poor social skills will not improve because you hired them. A person who lacks the ability to comprehend or learn your desired specialized skills will not become proficient in those skills because they have a great personality. There is the right employee out there. Don’t settle for less. Finding the right people for your practice and getting the best out of them is vital for the success of your practice. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance at 702.682.8300.



We take great pride in hiring the right people for your practice. Set up a consultation with Lisa Marie Wark and she can create your road map for hiring a winning team here in Las Vegas Nevada.

1. Lisa’s Scorecard

What goes on the scorecard?: The candidate’s personal mission and specific goals they will be responsible for.

2. The Importance of Defined Goals

Lisa’s Motto: “To build great behavioral interviewing models, you’ve got to understand what this person is going to be responsible and accountable for.” Defining your candidate’s goals will help you ask the right questions in the interviewing process.

3. Divide Up the Goals in the Interviewing Process

If you have multiple people interviewing a candidate, divvy up your defined goals. Then, build your interviewing plan around that. This will help you identify “A” players when you debrief with your team.

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