About Abaka

Abaka is about the lives of women, sisters, mothers, all of us who strive for health and wellness in our lives and the lives of those we love and care about. I know that we best meet life’s busy responsibilities when we are committed to healthy lifestyles.

We need to maintain that harmony and balance in our lives…that’s why I founded Abaka.

Abaka is CBD infused skin care that helps with swelling, inflammation, aches, sores, and anxiety. It’s calming and nourishing when you add it to your skin. It is the perfect formula for our healthy lifestyles.

CBD (cannabinoids) are compounds that are found in the oil of the hemp plant. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant, but it contains little or no THC, the psycho-active drug that is still banned by the federal government. CBD has wondrous therapeutic benefits in the holistic treatment of various conditions including, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid) skin and hair issues, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders (i.e. epilepsy, seizure disorder, nerve pain medication and other ailments.

Abaka products are formulated with therapeutic concentrations of these remarkable CBD compounds to bring healing and wellness at the point it’s needed most.

Abaka is for the working woman who comes home after a long day at work and needs soothing and calming lotion for her swelling feet. Swollen and heavy feet that have been in high heels all day. Our body butter helps moisturize and nourish dry feet and calms the swelling simultaneously.

Abaka is for the mom who has been running around all day lifting groceries, soccer balls, book bags, taking care of the kids and feels worn down. Our massage oils bring healing relief to our tired backs and shoulders through the powerful anti-inflammatory qualities CBD and other essential oils.

Abaka is for peace of mind. The anxiety and stresses of life are often decreased by the effects of our CBD products on the important body receptors that respond to CBDs absorption into the blood stream.

Abaka is about you, your family, your friends, and the healthy life you deserve.